Hello, my name is Dante. Like Dante Alighieri, who wrote the “Divine Comedy”, also known as, “Dante’s Inferno”. Yes, I get asked many times, “Your name is Dante, as in Dante’s Inferno?”, yes. The spelling of my last name even bears a close resemblance in spelling as his. And Like Dante, I have stories to tell. Considering some of the valleys I have walked through, I have earned my name.

The purpose of this blog site is simple:
I will share my stories, insights, and wisdom I have gained over the years so that others may see my foot steps embedded in the path of the journey they are on now. For some, that valley is named, Depression. For others, it’s name is Fear or it’s evil cousin, named Anxiety. For others, the name is vague, but it’s reality is just as real as the others. Not all of my stories, are of a dark consequence, some are inspiring and some are quite humorous.

No matter how dark the storms we face, or how black the night may become, the light of the new day, will always shine through in the end.
Walk with me in this brief moment of the vapor of life we share together. Let us be friends. For no man in his right mind, desires to be alone, but to share what gifts God has bestowed upon him, with others.
I am your friend, Dante.

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